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Maytag Neptune TL FAV6800AWW

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I have a Maytag Neptune TL and I'd like some help. (Model # FAV6800AWW)


About two minutes into the spin cycle the machine starts to bang and shake uncontrollably. Then eventually it stops w/a dc code. It will not complete the spin cycle unless I take all the wet clothing out!

What I've done so far:

Some one mentioned to me to check to see if the water is draining and that the pump is working correctly. So I removed the hoses and looked for an article of clothing or something. I'm confidant that the water is draining completely.

I've opened up the top of the machine (holding the top open while the lid is closed) to observe the spinning. It seems like the spin cycle starts normally. It will spin gradually until the unbalance is too great, then it stops and begins to tumble. After it finishes tumbling it begins to spin and then... CHAOS happens. The tub goes out of control and within a minute it stops and tumbles again.

I read in this forum posted a few years ago that there is a clutch underneath that could be the problem but the tumblers don’t turn when it’s spinning. When it finishes tumbling, they will rotate backwards about a half turn, stop and then start the spinning begins.

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Pull the clutch and see if it has signs that water/grease from the tub bearing has leaked down into it. Look for rust.

Parts for these are getting more rare and expensive, you might want to think if it's worth putting cash into this washer.

One of the guys that posts on here is a real expert on these. He owns one and has very extensive knowledge on it's workings including replacement of the tub bearings/seals. It's not an OEM method, but he has developed a method and found the parts needed.

I'm biased on this model. I have fixed many dozens of these things, but I hate them with a deap, dark, seething hate. I wouldn't put 1 cent into it, but I know it's hard to let a $1000 machine go for junk.

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