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whirlpool duet , GHW9150PW4 washing machine will not start

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Duet washing machine will not start, all the lights on the control panel will be out. I unplug the machine and then all the lights will come back on and a beeping noise. If I push any of the buttons on the control panel the lights will go off and stay off. Help Mr. Wizard!

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Check this nub on the door switch assembly:


Part link ==> Door Switch

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I won't (ever) say our host is wrong, his sword could be very sharp and I don't wish to find out); I wouldn't expect the lock to turn off the control panel. I'd expect a beep when you push start indicating that it isn't seeing the door locked, but the panel to remain lit.

What kind of diagnostic tools do you have - specifically I'd like to see you use a Volt/Ohm/multi meter to determine if there is DC power at the panel and coming off the main board..

IF you do not have a meter, pop the top off by the screws on the back edge and look for damage on the ribbon cable going along the right side from control on rear to UI panel, especially up front where it'll pass through the metal into control area.

Further info:

1-No codes show?

2-any lights stay on?

Some random ideas, bad DC transformer on main board or worn wiring.

Stuck power button on UI (user interface) panel, does stop/cancel or power button feel normal? I just changed one of these.

Bad main board (same as first idea from owner's perspective.)

Shorted pump - (usually would error out not go dark)

Personally I'd lean toward a bad board or wiring, but hope for stuck button.

Post the 1st 5 digits of the serial for us, that'll give manu date. Some of those controls had week solder joints and crap out on you.

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