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Whirlpool LA880XTWP top load washer agitator floppy

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In theory, I purchased a used whirlpool topload washer for $200; however, it doesn't really work. The biggest problem, which I'm asking about only for purposes of returning it, goes like this: the washer pretends to agitate, but doesn't really do that. The model number is LA8800XTWO. Online, it looks like the lid of the agitator just pops off. On the one I have (in other words, not looking at pictures online), there is an additional piece, to which the top is apparently glued, that says "Liquid Fabric Softener Dispenser, "part no 389142 BL GR". This part doesn't appear in the visuals I've been able to find. Does this part go with this washer?

I found a site that says the agitator should not spin in both directions and if it does, the "dogs" are bad. Okay, here's the weird part I don't understand: If you stand facing the washer, you can spin the TOP of the agitator freely clockwise -- it just spins and spins and spins. The bad news is the bottom part of the agitator -- the part that you would have to remove a nut to get off -- doesn't move at all - so there is no real agitation, if you get my drift.

On the other hand, you CAN move the top part of the agitator counterclockwise as well and, yes, both the top and bottom part of the agitator will move if you move the top of the agitator counterclockwise.

I just ran it again and, yes, if I put my hand through the wash, the bottom part of the agitator is moving, but the clothes themselves are not moving at all. To me, it looks like the top part of the agitator is just way to wobbly to have any leverage to make the clothes themselves agitate.

Like I said, the washer has a bunch of other problems and is definitely going back -- but my question is - does that part 389142 belong to this washer? Is that what's making it not really agitate?


Table (???)

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

TABLE.from your description the only problem is bad dogs as questioned by RegUS__PatOff.

All the other movements(or lack of) are normal.

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