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Kenmore HE2 Plus Clothes Washer Model 110.47532600 gives F28 or just prematurely shuts cycle off

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I have a Kenmore HE2 Plus, Model 110.47532600.

About 2 years ago got constant F28 codes. Replaced the CCU and problem resolved.

Now again F28 codes, sometimes F29, and sometimes it just turns off after 3-5 minutes without registering any error code.

The F29 is for problems with the door locking/unlocking, but that only came up twice. Usually it locks and unlocks fine.

I have the front panel off, but I taped the ground switch shut there, as suggested in this forum. The back panel is not off.

I replaced the CCU with a new one, but nothing changed.

I have not checked the MCU.

What is weird is that now, when put in any mode (including diagnostic, but also second rinse, clean washer, normal load, etc.) it will be on silently, with a few clicks every minute or so, for about five minutes, then it turns off--all LEDs off, cannot do anything without pressing power switch again, and no error codes. No error codes are registered either when I go into diagnostic afterwards.

In about 3 out of the last 20 attempts, water was added to the drum, and then it drained, before it turned itself off. This was always in Second Rinse mode, which is supposed to last 25 minutes, but it did all this in about 5. In the other 17, as noted above, it turned itself off (without an error code) before even adding any water.

Any advice? Thanks.

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