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Squealing spin cycle on Frigidare FLSE72GCS0

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I've repaired my Frigidaire FLSE72GCS0 washer but now it squeals loudy during the spin cycles. During the repair, I removed the inner spin tub and outer splash tub and I installed a new upper spin bearing (actually a bushing) and also the rubber tub seals (these both slip onto the main transmission shaft). The tub spins freely and quietly by hand (i.e., nothing rubbing or binding) but the squeal develops a few minutes after the spin cycle starts. When the spin cycle completes, the squeal lasts until the tub stops spinning (which is a minute or so after the motor and pully stop spinning).

I thought the new bearing might be too tight, so I put the old one back in but it didn't help. Maybe I need a special lubricant on the bearing or tub seals? Any other ideas?



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What did the transmission shaft look like when you removed it?

Unfortunitly the spin tube, which is part of the upper transmission case is the bearing surface that rides on that bushing that you replaced.

Most of the time when it has got to the point of needing to replace the bushing the shaft of the transmission has also been damaged and putting in just the tub bearing/bushing doesn't completely solve your problem.

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