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Roper Gas Dryer RGX3514RQ0 Does Not Work in Auto Sense Mode

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Reg is correct I did get two different temperature readings in auto dry and timed modes.

Just to reconfirm my results:

  • Dryer heat was read with an empty load in both modes.
  • I tested both auto dry and timed dry modes through 4 cycles.
  • Thermometer was clamped onto the back of the dryer vent to avoid inconsistent readings, with the tip suspended inside the vent at the center of airflow. No clamp contact was made on sensitive areas of the thermostat (just up at the dial).
  • Timed dry was consistent through all 4 readings between 120 and 175 degrees.
  • Auto dry was less consistent and ranged between 120 degrees and 142 degrees, but never went above 150 degrees and only got to 134 degrees during one reading before shutting off.
  • Visual inspection through the observation port confirmed the cycles were shorter in auto dry mode.

I'm aware that something must be responsible for this, but also accept the workaround of just using the timed dry mode or auto dry in the "more dry" setting.

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.... I'm aware that something must be responsible for this,

Did you buy this Dryer new ?


1) not the model number posted

2) Dryer was repaired at some time and Timer (and/or other parts) were replaced with different part numbers

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Yes, in fact the dryer was bought used and not all that long ago. I know I copied the model number down correctly, but I really like the theory that someone has previously done some repairs and potentially installed a non-standard part! That seems most likely to me and helps explain why things aren't quiet as they should be. Nice work!

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