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GE Harmony WPGT9350C0WW Troubleshooting

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When trying to run washer, I hear the regular noises, then when it starts filling with water, it abruptly stops and says "Notice! A problem has been detected with this unit", and the water stops filling.

Tried choosing sneakers and comforter as the setting.

I then went into the service diagnostics and get

"The motor is not rotating properly. Check and replace if necessary."

Also went into the "Load Test" screen, and every function I tried that spins it fails

From reading the tech manual, which one of you kind people posted, it looks like I've narrowed it to the Hall Sensor (?) or the motor.

Anything I can test further to know for sure what needs replacing?


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my money is on the hall sensor...not sure what the "ge" part costs but you can use the same one from the lg front loaders...hopefully a more knowledgeable person comes along and posts the part number

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To enter the GE Harmony service mode:

Note: Once the service mode is entered, all membrane keypanel buttons are disabled.

1. Press the POWER key to turn the washer on.

a. If the washer is on and the HOME screen is displayed, proceed to step 2.

• If the home screen is not displayed, press HOME on the keypanel.

2. Press HELP. The main help screen is displayed.

3. Press and hold MY CYCLES and BACK simultaneously for 3 seconds:

• The control will display any recorded errors.

• If no errors have been recorded, press EXIT to return to the HOME screen.

4. If errors have been recorded, use the error chart in the troubleshooting section for proper diagnostic procedures.

A MORE icon will be displayed on the LCD screen if additional problems have been recorded.

• Press MORE to list additional errors.

Use the BACK pad on the keypanel membrane to scroll back through the list.

• If MORE is not displayed then there are no additional errors.

5. If errors have been recorded, the following steps MUST be performed.

a. Make a note of the listed errors. Press EXIT, the screen prompts you to unplug the washer before servicing.

Note: Pressing exit clears all error messages and activates the setup mode program.

b. Disconnect power and make necessary repairs.

c. After the problem has been identified in service mode and repairs have been made, the unit prompts the service technician to run a setup/self diagnostic check.

• The self diagnostic check consists of a series of system tests to ensure the washer is operating correctly.

• Follow the on-screen instructions.

When all errors have been corrected and the setup/self diagnostic mode has been completed, the washer displays the following screen.

Press OK to return the washer to normal operation.

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Sensei, your humble servant thanks you.

I too thought the Hall Sensor, so I bought it from the link as someone else had posted the correct LG part number in another discussion. Then using the manual that someone lese linked I started trying to figure out how to change, but it was jnot a procedure. Another link said you had to remove the stator so I followed that. Turned it on its side, 24MM socket for the nut, etc, and as I was pulling off the stator , I saw two pieces (about a half) of a very thin washer stuck to the stator. AH SO.

THAT's what was causing the motor issue. Since I already had the stator off, I replaced the Hall Sensor anyway, so we'll never know for sure. But I really think it was that washer. Just thick enough so the rotor could not spin.

But what bothers me now is I can't figure out where the washer came from. I've looked at the parts diagram, and there is no thin washer showing in that area, unless it is part of the coupling assembly and not broken out.

I put it all back together and runs like a top!

This is a GREAT site. I was happy to buy the part from the link, because you just can't get advice like this. I might add the Fedex Ground got it to my doorsrep THE NEXT DAY and was only $2 more than post office shipping. And today is a SATURDAY! WAY TO GO!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond, and for all those masters who have come before and shared their wisdom.

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... I saw two pieces (about a half) of a very thin washer stuck to the stator. AH SO.

post pictures (with size reference) somewhere ?

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