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Gwen Barnes

GE dishwasher leaving crud on dishes GLD5950N00CS

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I would greatly appreciate any help. I've spent hours and hours websurfing this problem and have not come up with any ideas that don't involve pulling out the dishwasher and turning it over. (youtube.com/ watch?v=m-GSbGaKoxE) The following post states my problem exactly (but I have a different model dishwasher): http://appliantology...ng-main-filter/

Other posts have described glasses and dishes being coated with dirt that looks like grains of sand. My dishwasher is doing the same thing, but I also noticed that the spray arms get clogged - particularly the outer holes in the middle arm which stops it from rotating as well as spraying. I clean them out but they are clogged again after one wash cycle. It seems like food particles are getting through the filter system somehow. The outer spray holes of the top and bottom arms also get clogged (to a lesser degree). What should I check or inspect?

This post http://appliantology...r-pdw7880g00ss/ has a picture of the inside of my dishwasher. I have been able to take off the spray arm (501) and the fine filter assembly (451). (Does 450 come out too? I haven't figured that out.) Where it says "this sump filter clogs all the time and restircts the wash pump inlet", I have been able to take off the cover, but then what? There's a couple of inches of standing water under there, but there are no big particles in there that I can pull out with my fingers. And I don't know how to (can I?) pull out that sump filter assembly to clean it. How can I do this?

Again, any help will be greatly appreciated! This problem has been very frustrating for me.


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Remove the spray arms.

Soak them overnight in a tub of CLR.

With the spray arms removed,run the dishwasher so that water circulates without being restricted through spray arms.

This may dislodge some crud that can be wiped out.

Re-attach the arms and start the unit.

Once it fills and starts washing add 1 quart of white venegar to the water and let it compleete the cycle.

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Great idea; I'll try it tonight!

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