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Miele PW6065 Heater Element

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Does anyone know of a 3rd party source for purchasing a Miele heater element? I'm trying to make out the numbers from the fragments that are left. Here is what I have:

ND x EC xNN 230v 2300W 090606 x 511759 (the remainder is broken away)

This is twice the voltage/wattage of the 'spare' element for my w1903.

It is for an industrial model pw6065 machine that I recently picked up for a song off kijiji. Electronically it seemed fine when I bought it and the previous owner didn't mention any issues (they bought a larger, industrial machine for the farm). Alas, when I pulled the front panel to inspect/clean it, I found a rather nasty collection of burnt wires that should have connected to the heater element, if the latter hadn't disintegrated. There are two elements in ever Miele I've disassembled so they may not have known, but I cannot imagine the thermal cutoff sensor was in working order either, given the melted plastic connector and they crispy wires. I found much of the element, in the rubber hose connecting the drum drain to the pump. From the looks of things, this wasn't a recent failure.





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