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Fisher Paykel Washer, Model GWL15 error code error!

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Dear Forum,

I have a 3 year old Fisher Paykel washer, GWL15 (also reference model # WA37T26GW2 on the control panel). I had what seems to be a very typical problem, the washer would not drain after the wash cycle. Got to diagnostic mode, and sure enough found error code 37, pump blocked. Got the machine drained, removed the pump, and found a small "footie" sock lodged in the intake of the pump. Problem solved! Not yet. Also checked the drain hose and recycle hose, no debris or restriction found. Replaced the pump, went back to diagnostic mode, and still getting error code 37. The machine is working, but missing some functions. It will run through all cycles, will drain, will rinse, will spin. What it won't do is let me advance the cycles manually, using the double right arrow button. It also flashes the orange LED right next to the power button when I turn it on. Seems like it didn't use to flash, but I can't find any reference in the manual to say if it is normal.

Scratching my head why error code 37 still shows, but the machine will drain, and seems to work with almost all functionality, and is the flashing orange LED normal?

Much appreciation for your input!

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