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kenmore 911.45565791 erc wiring new harness

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I read a post on this erc telling how to use original harness versus supplied with WB27T10417 replacement erc. I cannot find the post? Any new info on this or direction to old post.

post was on a jsp40ww3ww

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These are pics of board I have. Following the instructions received on last post having problem using harnesses i have. especially the main power in harness and the 3 pin harness? do these instructions apply to this board

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a few notes:

Kenmore 911.xxxxxxxx are made by GE.

GE repair info is hard to get.

GE Kenmore model service info is even harder to get.

They may be a combination of different GE models.

GE used many diferent configuratiuons of the ERCIII Controller

then they stopped having it made and had another company

make a "generic" replacement for all of them.

If you could post a few pictures (somewhere):

a close-up picture of the backside of your "old" Controller

a close-up picture of the backside of the "new" Controller

(both with readable Terminal markings)

a scan of the "new" Controller installation instructions

a scan of your Range tech sheets

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ok I will get pics Tuesday. Thanks for the help

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