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Thermador Wall Oven CM302US -- beeping and no function

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So I'm getting conflicting advice and I want to turn to this crowd for some assistance.

This is a double oven with a microwave/convection oven on top and electric oven on bottom.

6 months ago, the top oven read "f34," emitted a beeping noise and became non functional.

Two weeks ago, the bottom oven started beeping and is also non functional.

I called the tech line when I was at the house, and the guy seemed to be rushing to get me off the phone. (I think Bosch tech line guys get paid by the number of calls processed. Frigidaire/Electrolux, for all their faults, will stay on with you the whole damn day.) He said "F34? No problem. Replace your cooling fan and your sail switch."

When I asked if that would also keep the lower oven from functioning he said, "yeah yeah yeah," and told me to have a good day.

I asked a senior technician who I trust his thoughts, and he was all for replacing the sail switch, but said the fan was probably fine.

Anyone run into anything similar before? The bottom oven not working is not making sense to me. I've been trying to download the tech manual for it, but bsh portal site keeps crashing my computer.

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does the Fan work ?

from another model:

F34 Upper Oven Cooling Fan Air Switch Not Detected.

1. Air Switch.

2. Cooling Fan.

3.An Open Circuit In The Upper Oven Air Switch Wiring.

1. Replace air switch.

2. Replace cooling fan.

3. Check all connections. Check that the solder joints in header P6 on the control display PCB are not broken.

... if the air switch circuit is not completed within 40 seconds,

the board will interpret an cooling fan fault and display an F34 error code for the upper oven,

and an F64 error code for the lower oven.

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Look behind the bottom trim, the 'sail' switch(s) should be right there.............With the bottom trim removed, start the upper oven and feel for the air flow and look to see which 'sail' switch is not moving in the air flow......If the switch does not close, you will get the F code.....To back up the diagnostic test, use a hooked devise and pull the sail switch towards you, that should satisfy the control.......I change both, cuz they are like headlights, the second one is due to fail soon.....

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