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occidental tourist

bearings? frigidaire front loader FWT445GES2

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Anybody ever had to do major surgery on one of these. I've got half a dozen in service and constantly monitor search tempest for more. The only thing I have ever had to do is replace the pump on a couple of them. One came up today on search tempest, essentially, "you take it away, needs rear bearing".

I can't find a rear bearing in the parts breakdown. From the diagram looks like the bearing might be in the rear tub housing and you have to buy the whole thing? That puts the deal right off the table because the housing appears to be around $250 which is more than I usually pay for one of these washers, nevermind the time to put it in.

Also, don't see any front bearing surfaces that I can identify. Wondering if the basket could possibly be hung from the rear like the early maytag driers that were built to double as concrete mixers or . . .

Maybe if an enterprising guy could break this down and get a bearing from a bearing house and press it in to the existing tub this might be worthwhile as a teaching moment for what to do when my other units age.

Any thoughts on these appreciated.


PS- I suppose I should be in search of a manual that covers this line of machines. thanks

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

The rear bearings are factory installed into the outer tub and sold as an assembly ==>


Wouldn't be surprised if you needed the inner basket, too-- the drum support spider is famous for corroding and failing ==>


Can be hard to distinguish between inner basket and rear bearing failure so, for the trouble involved, it's usually best to replace both. front load washer washouts was the topic of the last issue of the Appliantology newsletter ==>

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