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OLD White-Westinghouse DW SU330JXR2 drains and drains

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I've got an OLD (15yr? 20?!) White-Westinghouse DW, and it just wants to fill and empty, instead of fill and wash.

When it should start spraying the water around after the initial fill, it instead pumps most or all of the water right back out the drain, leaving minimal water in the unit, not enough to spray or spin the arm.

I don't recall who really made this DW, but if I remember correctly, it's not an uncommon problem with whatever (old) type of dishwasher. Which after much searching and looking at info for newer dishwashers duddn't really help me much.

I have found that there is a solenoid behind the motor, and it controls a flap thing, that must select where the water from the pump goes - out the drain, or up the spray arm. If I push the white 'ear' the solenoid is attached to UP all the way before I begin a load, then it works fine until the next day or day after when I try again. It's like the flap is sticking, or not seating all the way, possibly a spring isn't pulling it hard enough. I think the solenoid pulls the 'ear' _down_, so I'm thinking it's not the solenoid itself. It's kinda weird though, that if I push it up once, it'll go through full fill, clean, drain, fill clean drain, fill rinse drain, cycles without getting stuck again. Can't really see back and under there, or inside, to see what's getting caught. Or jammed. Or isn't getting pulled hard enough, whatever.

AFAIK it's a single motor-pump kind of thing, that probably only spins in one direction, hence the magic flap.

It's a PITA to take the front panel off and reach back there every time we need to run a DW load, so any help would be appreciated.

Everything else is pretty much ok - I think the soap dispenser opens early, but I can live with that.

Like I said, it's OLD. so if it needs to go to the dishwasher glue factory, I can deal. It would be nice to get a unit that uses less water and is quieter, maybe even has a 2nd and 3rd spray arm to rinse dishes, but it would of course be not so nice to have to pay for it. If the cost of a new part or something is more than $25-50, then the glue factory it is, even if it hurts to get a new one. Or maybe a new used one off craigslist...

One nice thing about this DW is its pretty friggin simple and has been reliable, I'm wary of the newer ones with electronics and CPUs and disinfectant cycles.. 15-20 years for a DW - gonna find one today that'll last that long?



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