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Oven only works in convection mode:

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Hey Folks,

I just fixed one problem on a GE Profile wall oven/microwave combo and was told about another one. The girls were using the microwave when suddenly everything quits. They smelled a burning smell. They said they checked to see if the breaker popped so I did as well. I also checked the breaker itself to make sure it was working. It had power. Asked a Guru I know here and he told me the wirenut melted in the junction box behind the unit. Which of course was the probelm. (I tried to get him to come here buthad limited success, he would be a great addition to the Sensei corps were he to join. He's been doing this 30+ years.)

So anyway once I got the power back on the girls tell me the oven won't heat up in regular mode, only in convection mode. Is there something generic I can check or do I need to get you a model number? I can't believe I left there yesterday without getting the model number and of course it's the weekend so the girls are all off doing whatever college girls do on weekends lol so I can't get back in there until tomorrow or Monday.

I searched the FAQ's and threads for something similar but didnt' come up with anything. I DID see that perhaps this is on of the models under recall though. Any suggestions would be appreciated. This is the rental house I look after and the owners will move back into it when they get back from Singapore. They don't want to replace the unit until then if possible, which will be in a couple of years.


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Sorry for abandoning this, I thought I replied back. My bad. The home owner decided that as long as it worked on convection mode and the girls were ahppy to leave it alone.

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