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ASKO W600 Washer Repair

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The Saga continues -

Nov 12, 2012 ASKO W600 Washer Repair - Status Update.

Original Problems: plastic latch broken on front door panel and dramatic increase in water leaking from bottom of machine.

1) Problem with broken door latch is fixed.

2) Lock Switch. Not knowing if it needs replacing (but ordering the part anyway) I have not attempted to replace door lock switch. [Repair Clinic part number Item # 764056 Manufacturer Number 8061679

3) Water leak source. Tested washer with top and front panel removed. Found two sources of water leaking from the pump hose [Repair Clinic part number Item # 764058 Manufacturer Number 8061681]

At this point, I stopped to wait until the technical manual could be obtained before any more dis-assembly. [actually, I was busy with auto dramas at our house] Meanwhile it was necessary to clean all the debris and disgusting stuff inside the base of the machine from months of water leaking.

Now I am preparing to order the pump hose and wonder if anyone has done this before? Any advice?

All the other hoses seem fine and considering the age of this machine (1998) it is remarkable how sturdy and reliable everything else seems as I looked inside. Pictures will be uploaded once I remember how to do that from home. So that's where I am until this weekend. [Have to pay attention to my paying job first] -Judy

Pictures are in my gallery -

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