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Thermador Professional 48 Duel fuel range

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Just made 2nd trip Diagnosing and repairing Model PRDS486GDUS. It must have cost 7K to purchase less than 10 years ago. It's 48" Stainless with left and right ovens. Original problem was bake element not working. My problem was finding the schematics and owners manual. When I finally found the schematics, I found the problem within 5 minutes. Before that, I spent 3 hours getting familiar with it. So here are two questions I have:

1. What would cause the resettable high limit switch at the bottom of the 30" larger oven to trip? Customer swears they did not do self cleaning just prior to the failure. I'm thinking maybe they ran the unit with the door open to heat the very large kitchen on a cold Chicago morning, then went off to work and forgot....

2. Still have no owners manual so I'm not absolutely sure if it's fixed. When you turn on broil, a cooling fan turns on immediately, but when I turn on bake, it does not turn on immediately. There is a small thermo disk that turns the fan on upon heat rise above a certain temp. Also, if I'm not mistaken, it seems both broild and bake elements go on when only bake is selected. This is most puzzling.

It's been quite a challange and very good education. Education, of course, is what you get when you don't get what you really want....

So I've learned that the bake element is 240 volts and that the resettable thermofuse located under the oven will fool you into thinking it works if you do not shut off the power and isolate the unit by disconnecting one or both leads and testing with a continuity tester. I also learned that this particular reset button needs to be pushed rather hard in order to reset In fact, I had removed it and tested it and was about to buy a new one when I pushed it really hard as a last ditch effort....heard and felt the click and now it's back on. You cannot tell by looking at it if it needs resetting like most I'm familiar with....

I will gladly share my newfound Thermador info if anyone needs it as I now have the enite circuit practically memorized. Meanwhile, it's almost thanksgiving and I want to be sure this thing will perform when the time comes, so any helpful links would be appreciated.

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