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I've always gotten great info and advice from these forums - think I've used them for almost every appliance and a/c in my house. It's about time to replace the washing machine and wanted to see if anyone has general guidance or advice from the perspective of a technician about brands/types. You techs get to know the machines from a very in depth perspective about operation and durability that almost no one else, save factory engineers, get to.

For background, I currently have a GE machine that's about 10-15 years old. I've replaced the part with the clutch that drives the basket back and forth. It generated a leak around the basket and now does not spin any more. I think the water dripped down and shot the motor because it is not turning (as opposed to the motor turning but the clutch not turning. I could start taking it apart but seems possible that the water did more damage than is worth fixing. [correct me if i'm wrong]

Home Depot seems to have good deals now w/ free shipping, etc. I'm looking at machines around $300-$600 on sale (list for ~$500-$750) from GE, Maytag, LG. There are only 3 in our family, so relatively light use (though we do clean sheets and blankets), so looking at 3.5-3.7 cu ft size. Top loading is preferable but not required.

I've seen various threads on this and the old repairclinic board with comments about different mfg's, but those might be out dated. Some questions:

-any pros/cons to the manufacturers (or models) from the perspective of durability, ease of repair, and parts availability/price?

-same question about the newer "high efficiency" models versus "traditional" ones - what does HE buy us?

-metal basket versus plastic?

I know it's hard to compare in generalities - I could pull some model numbers if that's easier - and I know this forum is generally about repairing not buying, but just wanted to see if there were some things I should steer away from or towards.

Many thanks.

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