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RS253BASB/XAA Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator Warming Up

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Hello everyone,


Responded to client's complaint of Fresh Food compartment warming up. Freezer is working fine.


Fresh Food back wall temp by infrared gun: 55F

Freezer back wall temp by infrared gun: 10F


According to display, however, FF compartment is 34F and Freezer is -4F


Tried to access FF evaporator, however there was a solid block of ice on each side of it holding the panel that covers it in place. Used a hair dryer for quite some time to free it up, but no use. I was careful not to warp the plastic.


Tonight, the fridge will remain unplugged and doors open in order to thaw. I'll be back tomorrow or the next day. I put in the service manual request tonight.





Customer mentioned that recently they were having electrical problems in the house. According to her, the house breaker finally sparked and burned and they went from having electrical problems to having no electricity at all. After having the issue repaired the fridge got quirky.


I asked her if the display ever got weird. She said the display is fine except once in a while the noted temps will go up and then come back down on their own.


Back lower cover is completely missing. So the condenser and compressor are totally exposed.



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Also, you need to order a new back compressor cover or make one.


Anytime you have a unit with the condenser coils and condenser fan under the unit you have to have the compressor compartment cover in place to direct the airflow correctly across the compressor and condenser coils.


Without the cover in place the air does not flow correctly to cool the compressor and condenser.

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Follow-up today lead to the end of the story:


Diagnosed the heating element in the fresh food compartment as open. No continuity, infinite ohms.


I asked the customer what he wanted to do and he said he would rather not put much money into the unit. Even though this was once a $1800 or $2000 fridge, he said he bought it used a couple of months ago for $150 and all he wants is something to cool his food. He could care less about the fancy over-engineered nonsense.


So, I recommended he look for an older Whirlpool SxS. I put his Samsung back together and told him he'll be able to keep his food chilled for a couple of weeks before the problem returns.


Durham, Samurai, Budget:


On Samsung refrigerators, is it common procedure for you guys to replace the sensors in the fresh food compartment or freezer compartment when you see a defrosting problem? Or, do you verify that they are bad first and, if not, let them be? If so, how are you guys checking the sensors?

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Samsung Sensors are easy to test since they can be unplugged and dropped in ice water and backprobed. Your manual will advise of the ohm reading needed for 32 degrees but i think it is 13.3. They are generally more expensive than the ge thermistors so I will not change them if they are good but if I am already working say with a ff evap heater, I would advise the customer it would be more economical to change the ff thermistor while working in that specific area of the fridge. Depends on the age of the fridge and if there is an upgrade to the thermistor as well. This also further depends on if I have the thermistor or getting it would not cause a delay in the needed repair. I guess it's really a judgment call.

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"...while I have a looong talk with my local parts house"   :rolleyes:


Ha! I absolutely love this stuff!


Thanks for the responses.

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In that case,  change the hell out of 'em while I have a looong talk with my local parts house   :rolleyes:


795.65002401  Fridge  built by LG

LG Thermistors      SEARS         RC

6500JK1003A         $ 87          $ 10

6500JK1004A         $ 77         $ 127

replaced by:

6500JB2002T         $ 77          $ 10

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