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Joshua Scholar

Newer Whirlpool Duet Wfw9450ww00, odd behavior on time and other questions

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I have a customer with a whirWfw9450ww00, and her real problem is probably a bad door latch.


I noticed it occasionally acting like the door is open even when it's closed, the same beep and refusal to start.  She complains that sometimes she can't start it and sometimes it stops in the middle of a cycle, no error code.


It's a used machine that is missing the service tech sheet and my older Duet manuals don't have codes to get it into diagnosis mode that work on it (it doesn't have the same buttons).


So besides asking if anyone has a tech sheet or manual, I DO have another question.


I watched the thing run, on a quick cycle (an 18 minute cycle) at the 13 minute mark it did this little "chasing lights" display and then switched to 26 minutes left.


I went to restart the cycle to watch it again, and it got stuck draining for the cycle-was-manually-ended. I think it would have drained forever if I didn't unplug it.


I restarted it and watched it through a whole cycle.  It worked fine, but occasionally I'd get that chasing lights display and the number of minutes would go up or down seemingly at random.  This time it went to 20 minutes instead of 26 and later skipped down a couple minutes from 19 to 17, I think.


I'm guessing that the chasing lights and the changed time is a feature, maybe it's responding to the load level or something.  Does anyone know about that?


Also should I be worried about the reset drains forever thing?


Thanks in advance. 


Josh Scholar

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Use and Care Guide - W10254043.pdf


Sensing / Revising Estimated Time
The cycle times vary automatically based on your water pressure, water temperature, detergent, and clothes load.
The washer will automatically sense the progress in the cycle and adjust the Estimated Time Remaining display.

While the washer is sensing, the estimated time will flash and the Sensing Status Light will glow.

When the sensing is complete, the flashing stops, the status light goes off and the Estimated Time Remaining display is updated.


The cycle time will be extended if oversudsing occurs or the load is unbalanced.

The SUD routine removes extra suds and assures proper rinsing of your garments.

See “Troubleshooting.” During the unbalance routine the time displayed may pause until this activity is complete,

then resume with the remainder of the cycle.

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