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New Cabrio

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I'm new here.


I have a customer that bought a Cabrio when she used it she said it sounded like rocks were in the machine,

She call Lowes to get a new one she said same thing happened , I told her that I would as my friends here because I don't know.



Thanks for your help



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!


I'm new here.

no doubt...gonna need a model # to be of any assistance...

also, re-read the rest of your post as I can't make any sense of it..

Edited by KurtiusInterupptus

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I am also looking for some help on a Cabrio. I have already been to the house to diagnose. When I put it through test mode it made some wierd noises after filling. So what ur customer is hearing could be normal. Below is from the service manual:


Noisy, vibrating, off-balance

Is the washer level? Does the washer rock

when pushed against the corners?

The washer must be level. The front and rear

feet must be in firm contact with the floor.

Check that the locknuts are tightened. See

“Level the Washer.”

Is the floor flexing, sagging or not level?

Flooring that flexes or is uneven can contribute

to noise and vibration of the washer.

A 3/4˝ (1.9 cm) piece of plywood under the

washer will reduce the sounds. See “Location


Is the load balanced?

Evenly distribute the load in the washer

basket and make sure the height of the load

does not exceed the top row of basket holes.

See “Starting The Washer.”

Do you hear clicking or other noises when

the cycle changes from washing to draining

or spinning?

When the drive system shifts or the washer

basket settles between cycles you may hear

noises that are different from your previous

washer. These are normal washer noises.

Is the washer gurgling or humming?

When the washer drains, the pump will make

a continuous humming with periodic gurgling

or surging sounds as the final amounts of

water are removed. This is normal.

Are you washing a small load?

You will hear more splashing sounds when

washing small loads. This is normal.

The washer basket moves while washing.

This is normal.

Can you hear water spraying?

This is part of the wash action.

Are you washing items with metal snaps,

buckles or zippers?

You may hear metal items touching the basket.

This is normal.

Did you select the Bulky Items cycle?

Use the Bulky Items cycle only for oversized,

nonabsorbent items such as comforters, pillows

or poly-filled jackets. Other items will

create an unbalanced load in this cycle.

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An easy first test would be to check to see if the bolt on the motor rotor is tight; seen many of these with a loose bolt that made noises before an F-50 (Motor stalled) error code was generated. A common mass-produced defect on this machine. 

Edited by Wingerman

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if its a VMW type, those awful noises are normal.

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It took a while but I got that MOD # WTW8240YW0.


Anyway she call me to ask if it is nomal for a washer right out of the box to make this noise and I asked here about packing straps and she said this was done the second time by the Lowes guys and that one made the same noise. 

I hope everyone can make sense of this post.

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Have you verified this noise yourself?  Can you make a video and upload it to YouTube so we can have a listen?

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