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Whirlpool Dishwasher Model# WDT790SAYB, Fills and Drains OK, Doesn't Run

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Just had 2 more WP global wash system dishwashers these past 2 weeks with this same issue again.  I was not only hearing the continous clicking from the diverter motor but some clicking from the board as well.  I got an error code of 4 which is a wash motor error.  Again not certain whats going on synergistically between the diverter motor and the main wash motor, but replacing the entire sump assembly which includes the wash motor and diverter motor has fixed the problem. 

Out of curiosity i would like to experiment by just replacing the diverter motor and see if this brings a fix.  Also would like to try just the wash motor and see as well.  As the sump assy w/ wash motor and diverter motor all come in one nice package for fairly affordable, its just plain easy to throw the entire thing in and call it fixed.  When I go out to my next install I'll keep the old assy and run some tests on the motor.     

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I've had one of these that was just a little over 1 1/2 years old that was doing basic same thing.

I Checked voltage and was getting 120Vac on the board at the motor connections - they decided not to fix they had another new cheap Frigidaire that they only paid $150 new for so didn't want to fix the year and half old one.

I ordered and replaced motor and sold unit as used for $150.00

I disassembled motor and found stringy material wrapped around motor shaft under impeller, I cleaned all this junk out and the motor seems to work now, wasn't even getting any noises from motor before so really don't trust it to re-use.

Just like the rest of the junk Whirlpool is making now days, I think it is just cheap junky motors with so low of power they just don't take much to make them not work.

I don't think the diverter motor is causing your problems, you just hear it running because the main wash motor isn't running and making all the water splashing noise that normally covers up the sound of the diverter motor running.

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