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Kokanee Ranger

Electrolux induction cooktop EW30CC55GS

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This was started by another tech when I took a week off. Original compliant displays flashing 8s and unresponsive. I had a feeling I was walking into a Cluster …. Replaced wiring harness as advised by Techline only took an hour or so. Still flashing 8s.Called Techline and was advised to change out left hand board. Not sure if he meant the touch pad control or the relay board I ordered both. Went back and replaced both parts still flashing 8s. At this point the costumer said take it to your shop and bring it back when its fixed. Excrement. The next time I called techline I got someone from Quebec ,Canada Ayh. He was adamant I change the harness and the induction board. Ordered the induction board. Changed that out , But by this time I had reinstalled the original relay and left touch pad control. Now I have NO display . To remove and install the touch pad control you have to twist the board and I think doing this mucks up the printed circuit . The only difference I could find was with original induction board I got 11 vdc on the new one 13 vdc pins 1-4 .Going to the touch pad.


Any help on this lovely Piece of Electrolux  engineering would be appreciated.


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

... Electrolux EW30CC55GS

... Replaced wiring harness

... touch pad control or the relay board ... replaced both

... the induction board


What's the missing digit at the end of the model number ?   (different parts list)

What's the part numbers of the replaced parts ?

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"88" would usually indicate a problem with either the right, left or center touch control or ribbon connector.  I know another tech originally diagnosed unit but any idea which control displayed the fault?  Some of the replacement glasstop assys came with the touch controls.  Unit under warranty?

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The last digit would be a three.


I don't have the paper work  or part  # with me. Handed paper work  in when I ordered the left touch pad control again.


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when I ordered the left touch pad control again.



These are a lot of fun. Usually end up replacing all the boards, including the filter board, which the tech sheet doesn't tell you to change!

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Parts and the order changed out.


318402307 wire harness,

318330844 , control board ,

318388400 board , relay

318330844 Indution housing and board.


All parts have been reordered . I will try 318330844 first.

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Installed left control couple days ago and no display at all . Hooked old board to wiring harness and got it to light up. Undid ribbon connector left to right board left side lit up.

Ordered right touch pad control.   31830724 …. So a week later

Installing right side board I found ribbon connector askew .could not see the connection when in place. My bad

All displays now light up when plugged in .

displayed E s across the board and  flashed 39-40 on the right side display.

Just had to configure board. Could not get it to go.

Called Tech line , after another half dozen attempts Tech line advised to order glass cook top !?!

He gave me the part number. Put this number on the work order and put tools back in the van.


I knew I was missing something.


Plugged the Unit back in again . Held the warm button . This time when I toucher the RF ON button I heard a very soft beep I hadn't heard before.

Before the only beeps I heard was when I touched th RF ON for over three seconds and it would beep continually and much louder until I released the warm button.

One of the hazards of working in a shop connected to a noisy warehouse. The Guys weer on a break when I went back.

Tested unit for proper operation … Ready for reinstall. !


What I have learned :


-Avoid working on Electrolux if at all possible

-Need to see 13 Vdc pins 1-4 on wiring harness and 5Vdc 1-2and 1-3. if not change out induction board and harness . Display gets power from the induction board and the harness just in case.

-If there is no display at all and you have 13Vdc to left board check the ribbon connector to the right board.

-Following techline advice too shootgun is O.K. Under manufacturers warranty. On paying calls the costumer tends to get upset.

-When your about to give up step back and re asses.


They say it good to learn from your mistakes … I find it is better to learn from others mistakes.!!

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