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Replace Lower Arm on GSD5330D00...after the tabs are broke

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I have a GE Profile Triton GSD5330D00WW dishwasher manufactured just prior to 2000.  When I tried to remove the lower washer arm I used a flathead screwdriver and snapped off the tab on the cover that holds the rotator arm in place. 


I viewed a youtube video on how to replace a Lower Wash Cover Support Replacement WD12X10244. The model of that machine was not an exact match to the model of my dishwaser.  It showed how to disconnect & remove the dishwasher and turn it on its back.  It then showed how to remove the motor and insert the cover up thru the tub that will replace the part with the snapped tab.


I obtained GE Part # WD22X10017  Sprayarm Assembly which I'm told will replace the existing part in my dishwasher.


There are 2 plastic tabs which evidently can be pulled back to allow the spray arm to be removed from the cover support.  I am reluctant to retract these tabs for fear of breaking them.


Is it necessay to disconnect, pull out my dishwasher, lay it on its back & dismantle the pump because of a broken tab?


It would be good if there was a similar video that is specific to my model.




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