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Maytag Neptune FL stacked washer not draining

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Hello all,

Just yesterday picked up a stacked Neptune all electric washer/dryer combo off of craig's list. Dude said it had been sitting for 2 years, used to store stuff on top. (M/N (on back of dryer): (P)MLE2000AYW; M/N (on back of washer): (P)MHS200AWW)

Hooked it up and ran a cycle, empty, just to make sure everything was working correctly. Everything seemed like it was going good until the end when I realized I hadn't heard the thing drain at all. Opened the door after it reached the end and the tub was full of water.

You guys think the water pump has gone out (replace pump)? Or do you think it may have gotten gummed up with residue from whatever water was left in it after it was uninstalled (take apart and clean out pumps/hoses)?

Looking around for parts on this model, it appears the water pump is electric. Any tips on how to test to see if pump is bad and needs replacing...or if pump isn't even getting juice and switching is bad...would be greatly appreciated. It appears there are 2 different water pumps for this model, depending on the series. How do I know which series this unit is?

Also, I'm looking for manuals for this unit (service/repair and owners/operating) digital/pdf downloads preferred.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide,


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Pump is either jammed from sitting or something stuck in it.  Remove the front shroud on the washer and see if it's getting voltage.  If yes, then remove pump and inspect inside, turn impeller by hand.  If bad, replace pump:







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Take er apart and check for any crude or blockage... A Wet Vac is your friend. check the impeller for any play. If more than 1/16" of movement, you may be looking to replace the drain pump.

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