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Samsung WF218ANWXAA flange shaft replacement

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I have determined that my flange shaft is more than likely broken. Seems to be a somewhat common problem with this washer, along with drain pump. Washer is only 3 years old. Does anyone have experience with removing the drum and replacing the flange shaft? I have a schematic, but I was unable to determine how the motor attaches to the flange? I would suspect that the shaft is splines. Any ideas/suggestions?  I have removeed the front of the washer while repaing the drain pump, so I am certain that I can go a few steps furthur to access the back of the drum.



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

 The parts that are breaking on samsungs appliances are failing way too soon.


 If you were using the correct amount of HE soap.


You need to disassemble the tub and see if the flange shaft is broken. You probably need bearings and maybe even an outer tub. Im not even sure if they sell the bearings separate from the rear tub.  


There are 6 bolts that hold the flange shaft to the inner tub. To access the flange you have to remove the otter tub. The outer tub will open to the inner tub. You have to practically take the whole washer apart to remove the tub.  The stator (motor) has a bolt into the rear of the flange. Take a lot of pictures.  This is one of the harder repairs to do.


I would pull it apart and see whats broken. It may change your mind on repair.  

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Okay, so it took me about 1.5  hours to take apart the front, split the outer tub and remove the inner tub. It was not very difficult.

 Remove the following:

1. top

2  front controlpanel

3. front of washer including the door. be careful when removing the band, so that the rubber boot does not rip.

4. disconnect front hoses, also 3 wires from bottom of outer tub.

5. loosen all of the bolts that connect the 2 halves of the outer tub  i remoed all except the top 2 and bottom 2

6. remove the 2 bolts connecting the 2  front struts to the chassis.

7. ensure all wires, hoses are loosened and moved out of the way

8. remove the final bolts you left in

9. have  a helper to lift the tub while you work on releasing the 2 springs from the top of the tub. be prepared that the 2 halves will seperate  once the springs are released.

10. remove the front half of the tub, then remove the stainless inner tub.

11. inspect the flange shaft. Mine was completely broken and no longer attached to the electric motor.


As an average homeowner (social worker by profession) who repairs most of my appliance,  I can assure you, that if you have basic tools and a couple of hours, this job is doable. Don't pay the outrageous repair bills.



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