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Bosch DW draining issues

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Newby here. I'm an appliance tech but my area is computers, printers and related what nots. So hopefully I under appliantologyeze.


My current issue is with a Bosch SHE3AR56UC/07.  It's been acting up, not draining right.  I understand that these are made to retain water in the sump but the water being left behind is kind of murkey and feels very slippery like it's still got detergent in it.


I'm trying this forum out because I've really struck out finding useful information or manuals.  I'd like to decode the error codes but the paper that came with the DW does not exactly match my model.

-I can hear it draining through the air gap and kitchen sink on startup and when running

-I've checked and cleaned the filter

-I pulled the guard from the impeller and can easily spin the blade.

-I ran a long zip tie through the drain and nothing came out

-I have not checked the airgap for goop (just read that suggestion)


In reading the sheet that came with the DW I don't really see the 3 LED's as depicted in the instructions. 

-When I go into Special Functions Menu I see "Heavy Wash" Flash and "Auto Wash" solid.  If those are A & B then  I right arrow button and get no LED's after the most recent wash.  Do I interpret that as "e:28" Aqua Sensor?  It says to reseat AQS and power module connections.  If I could find them I'd be glad to..... So where do I look???


I tried to run the Customer Service Program.  It ran and when finished displayed "Clean" just like a normal cycle.


Now.... a quick flash back...... When problems first started a few days ago, it was not draining. Then when you ran a load it would start up and go right to "Clean" and stop.  When this happened I cleaned out the filters & sump, removed and flushed out the drain line (all with power disconnected for a few).  That seemed to stop the Run-Clean-Stop quick sequence but now I have the problem described above.


If a service manual is available here and would be helpful I'll all about that.  I also welcome any friendly advice.


Thanks a Bunch!


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Sounds like a simple case of the drain pump going intermittent.  They've also re-designed the drain pump, adding more impeller vanes to increase drain  pump volumetric flow rate.  Don't overthink think this one.  Here're the dance steps:


- remove drain hose from drain pump.


- pucker up and blow like  fish, should clear a slug of water and then blow free, as free as the wind blows... you know the rest of the song.


- if the song plays, then replace the drain pump:



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Well since I'm not the only one to think of that idea I guess I'll admit that I did just as you say a few weeks ago when it first happened. It seemed to work fine for a few weeks after that then started acting up again.  This time I just didn't feel like I was getting enough air pressure (along with the fear of rapid back flow) to really do it justice so I figured out that my sink faucet fit perfectly into the drain tube.  That really flushed it out but didn't help.  Once my back recovers from all the ducking under the cabinet yesterday to reroute the original plumbing I guess I can try the pump.



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