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how to free a stuck duet washer drum

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Hi fellow DIYer's I have a duet washer that stopped spinning. It sounds like a foreign object has lodged it self between the drum and the outer shell.It will free by  hand but the object will move around and lodge again. The video I watched showed the  disassemble  process of the outer shell ,but stopped there. The object seems to follow gravity and falls to the bottom of the drum area. Before i disassemble this washer  I was wondering if you had any advice on further tear down of this washer



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No model number given so don't know if this is the Duet or Duet Sport.  Here are the service manuals for each:


Duet:  http://appliantology.org/files/file/43-whirlpool-duet-washer-job-aid/


Duet Sport:  http://appliantology.org/files/file/189-whirlpool-duet-sport-washer-job-aid/


Most likely one of the arms of the inner basket support spider has broken and is catching on the ridges inside the outer basket.  It will probably look something like one of the inner baskets shown here:  http://fixitnow.com/wp/2009/10/28/front-loading-washer-corrosion-contagion-a-menagerie-of-metallic-misery/

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