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Kenmore Elite HE4t FDL Error, Door Stuck Locked

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1st, Great Website, this is a great service!


I have read many threads and I don't recall seeing the problem stated this way,

our Kenmore Elite HE4t has the FDL error... which means door unable to lock?


Yet, our door was stuck locked!  Thanks to info on this site, we popped off the bottom cover

and pulled the release tab on the switch mechanism, allowing us to remove the clothes inside.


Our CCU is very suspect, as I had previously replaced the door lock relays and the machine

has worked perfectly for 9 mos., but here we again!


Question:  If I got code FDL (and the clicking sound, but no thunk as the door was already locked),

is there a way to test the door lock assembly before shelling out for a new CCU?


Has anyone tried this?  Thanks.


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full model number ?

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I never did get the exact model nmber, but the Repair Clinic Website narrowed it down by name.


I thought the door lock mechanism might be fine since we puller the "Emergency Release" tab on the bottom easily.

It wasn't stuck at all.  It was a fairly new one, as the old one was jammed shut when I removed it from the unit.


Since I had already replaced the OMRON relays a few months ago (that had carbon scoring on the plates... they saw a lot of action!)

I decided whatever part of the board led to those relays may have been part of the problem,

so I decided to replace the entire board.


I opted for overnight shipping as my spouse was giving me the business, got it next afternoon.


I can happily report it WAS the CCU.


As I type this our first load is flawlessly being washed.  Thank you very much Samurai Appliance Guy!  EXCELLENT SITE!!!!

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