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asko w620 - bogus timer and board?

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howdy all,  asko washer has started a consistent intermittent problem.  almost every time now when the washer is set to 3 (regular wash cycle) about 10 minutes in to agitating back and forth the timer changes to cycle 4 (rinse).  normal run time for cycle 3 is about 40 minutes. after cycle 4 sometimes we get to the spin cycle (5) and the timer goes back to stop like normal but sometimes it goes into cycle 6 or 8 which polyester and hand wash cycles.  the timer should never go past the spin (5) cycle into another wash cycle as it is either supposed to go to stop or go to the check © position to indicate an issue with draining or such.  pin collector is clear, drain works fine, drum moves in both directions and spin hits its normal high speed.


do you think timer and mother board are the issue??


thanks for any help,



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

I don't work on enough of these to tell you for sure.  But you do have a risk-free way to find out.  


Buy both parts and replace one at a time.  Return the one you don't need for a refund.  


Timer board:







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Might also be heater or thermistor issue.  I see one of the main differences between cycles is wash temperature:


Cycle 1 - 95C/205F

Cycle 2 - 80C/175F

Cycle 3 - 70C/160F

Cycle 4 - 60C/140F

Cycle 5 - 50C/120F

Cycle 6 - 40C/105F

Cycle 7 - 30C/85F

Cycle 8 - Cold


I've got a test program for this model but the buttons are number designated.  I'll figure a way to download someday.

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thanks for advice,  im going the timer route to start.  the heater might not apply as with this model you set the wash temperature with a seperate dial seperate from cycle selection.

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