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Westinghouse electric cooktop element connectors

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I saw an old Westinghouse cooktop today that needs a couple new element connectors for the two large eyes. The sticker that the model number was on has come off over the years so I have no model number. I have found the eyes that the unit takes and I was wondering if any of you out there may now the part number to the terminal for these eyes.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

The complete new contact/receptacle block is part# 5300134270 which is no longer available as far as I know, (it hasn't been for quite some time - looks like discontinued Feb2001, found one old stock on Ebay for $24.99+$6.00 ship or Make Offer).


Also A1-Appliance shows the picture of the complete block assembly and show they still have some in stock at a great price of only $4.20

I would call and check stock on the above before ordering, A1's inventory isn't correct lots of times on the old discontinued parts they sometimes list as available.


The complete block kit above includes:

2 contacts

1 ground strap

1 ceramic block

1 metal bracket




Each of the blocks above require two contacts, the rest of the block should be OK and you should only need to replace the contacts if you can find them, I thought they were no longer available also but RepairClinic list them but has them out of stock at the moment.


Part# 5300151234 is a single contact, ($18.26 each at RepairClinic if they are able to get them for you).



Appliance Parts Pro's seems to have the contacts in stock at a much better price, ($7.90 each)

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I definitely think I can get by with just the contacts. Thank you so much.

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You would be much better off getting the complete contact block kit from A1-Appliance if they really have them in stock, (only  $4.20 and you get 2 contacts even if you don't use or need the complete block). 


They only have a $6.95 flat rate shipping, so two complete block kits + shipping will be a better deal than just the contacts anywhere else then you also have extra parts if one of the old ones don't come apart so well.

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