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Whirlpool Duet washer not emptying fabric softener from drawer

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Whirlpool Mod#WFW9400SW01 does not empty fabric softener from drawer in normal wash cycle and fills the bleach compartment with water.

I cleaned the drawer and the overhead distributed holes to no avail. Is there a way to test the distributer motor with the plastic arm that moves directs the water and/ or the main controller to see if the signal is getting to the distributer? I have a meter and the know how to use it.

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There is an automated test program in the technical sheet located behind the bottom access panel.  This program will test all the components including the dispenser actuator.  Make sure the dispenser cam arm and spring are intact.  Make sure the drum is empty and the unit is turned off.  Execute the following steps in sequence to access automated test program:


1)  Close door.

2)  Push Power.

3)  Select the Drain and Spin cycle.

4)  Select No Spin option.

5)  Push Prewash option within 5 seconds.

6)  The automated test program starts. (Not possible to skip steps)

7)  To cancel test program press the Stop button.


Display                Control Action                         Component Tested


C:00                    Door locks                               Door lock system

C:01                    Fill by cold water inlet              Flowmeter/Cold water inlet valve


C:02                    Distribution system set            Dispenser motor/Dispenser contact

                            to Prewash position

C:03                    Fill by hot water valve             Hot water inlet valve

C:04                    Drum rotates clockwise           Motor/MCU

                            at wash speed

C:05                    Heater is switched on.            Heater/NTC

                           Drum rotates clockwise

                           at wash speed.  If there

                           is not enough water in the

                           tub, water inlet valve will

                           be switched on to achieve

                           minimum water level.

C:06                    Drain pump is on.                    Drain pump

C:07                    Drum rotates counter-             Motor/MCU

                            clockwise from 35 to 90

                            rpm within 15 seconds.

C:08                    Drum rotates counter-             Motor/MCU

                            clockwise at maximum

                            speed 800-1000 rpm

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Thank You PDUFF,

I bench tested the dispenser motor and contact,

With the top of machine off I can watch the dispenser motor work the arm and go to different positions, however I still have fabric softener left in the dispenser drawer.

I will go through the tests that you recommended.

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Update :


Performed tests...


Everything in the dispenser area is clean and operational.


It appears that there is not enough water volume/pressure going through the distributer nozzle to flush out all of the fabric softener section, although now the bleach compartment is completely emptying. I attribute this to cleaning the overhead distributer holes, but although that improved the situation it did not completely solve the problem. I still have residual softener mixed with some water after a wash cycle...Like there is water reaching the softener area, but not enough. I can see it just barely dribble out of the overhead distributer when the nozzle is directed to the fabric softener zone.


I really suspect that the water valve assembly is not allowing sufficient pressure through the seats, perhaps due to age and swollen rubber orfices.


What is your thoughts?



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