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Franz Metcalf

Fridge Repair Recommendation in Los Angeles?

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Hi all,


Two questions, I guess. The first question is whether it's okay to ask here for a recommendation of someone in Los Angeles to come look at our old bottom freezer? I looked around but couldn't tell if recommendations were kosher here. If not, please accept my noob apology and ignore this post. I'll delete if asked.


If, however, it is okay to ask, then, heck, I'm asking. I posted about this 1999 Amana BRF20, last week, and it's pretty darn certain that we're talking sealed system failure here. See for yourself:




(This is as good as the evaporator ever looks. Temp controls maxed. FF at 45, FZ at 31.)


Yes, I am well aware that putting money into this unit may be throwing good money after bad, but...


I absolutely cannot find—after hours and hours of research—a 36" wide bottom freezer single door fridge. Not one. (Except for $6000 built-ins that would require we rejigger the cabinetry and repaint for another $2000. That's not happening.) Turns out that we designed our kitchen around a dying breed: the single door bottom freezer. We loved it: just open it up and set down your stuff on the counter. Easy! But no no, can't do that anymore. Now you need three arms so you can open the door with one, take out stuff with your second, and then transfer it to your really long third arm to reach around the damn open door that's in your way and put the stuff on the counter. Grrrrrr. :banghead:


Okay, I'm better now. And I trust you can see why, despite the unit's age, we're thinking it might still be worth it to us to spend multiple hundreds of dollars fixing the thing. It seems pretty solid aside from the probable compressor failure or coolant leak. And that's why this grasshopper bows before his senseis and asks if they know a wise teacher who might come to my home to show me his dharmic powers and receive the gift of my chants and prostrations (okay, and the customary repair fees).





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You have a leak in the evaporator. That is close to a $600 repair. Not worth the money on a close to 20 year old refrigerator.  Whirlpool makes several single drawer or door bottom freezer refrigerators that are 36 inches wide, you just have to look harder.  Try Home Depot or Lowe's. 


Whirlpool manufactures refrigerators under these brand names:








Search their websites. 







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I know, I know about the money. It's crazy to spend $600 on a 20 year old appliance. I swear I wouldn't even consider it except I find it galling to spend $2000 on a new fridge I don't actually want.


I should be more clear about my requirements. My box is H70xW36xD25. I'm looking for a bottom freezer with a single fridge door. (I don't care how many doors or drawers the freezer has.) So the unit has to be "counter depth" (which really can be up to 28 inches without the handles) and can't be a genuine built-in 83 inch unit. And it would be just dumb for the unit to be less than 35 inches wide. Dumb, perhaps, but that's all I've found. I've searched the websites you listed, Scott (thank you, btw, I hadn't gone to the JennAir site). I've also searched LG, Samsung, Fischer Paykel, Electrolux, DACOR, DCS, GE, Haier, Bosch, MIele, Summit, Elmira Stoveworks, Big Chill, Smeg, I can't even remember all of them. Plus the excellent AJMadison site and every single manufacturer link from Pacific Sales (whose links seem to work faster than going originally to the manufacturers' sites). I believe I'm correct in saying the species is extinct (aside from retro models, and even they are 33" wide at the most).


Hey, I'm having a crazy idea. Could I get someone to install my existing fridge door over the front of a compatible new fridge? Buy the Electrolux EI23BC30KS or something and then take off the french doors and use my old single door? I suspect the hinge wouldn't be able to stand the weight. But I wonder if I could find someone to include the old hinge. Just bolt it into the darn new fridge. No doubt too hard to find a perfect match. And too expensive. And just too crazy.


Perhaps I just need to learn to love Big Brother and his french doors. How does one do that?



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It's not crazy to spend 600.00 on a old fridge , if what you have is in great shape and is what you need !


if the work is done properly , it should last a long time


the worse that can happen is the compressor goes out , big deal , another 1000.00 and that's fixed too

so now you have 1600.00 into it . how much would a new fridge have cost you ? 


if you like your unit and it fits your needs ........fix it

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