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Whirlpool Duet GHW9100LW1 stuck at spin cycle and grinding

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Have a WhIrlpool Duet washer model GHW9100LW1 that just failed today.


It got stuck at the rinse and spin of a normal wash cycle.  It behaves in the following manner.


Set to drain and spin and press start

Loud Click

Water starts to enter the tub and then stops

Loud Click

Loud Click

then a grinding noise.


There are no codes and the drum spins freely.


Any ideas?





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Disconnect the wires at the drain pump.

Set the cycle as described in your post and start the machine.

If the grinding noise is not present repair or replace the drain pump.

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Hi Samurai,

No error codes that I have seen.  My wife thought she saw a F1 but I asked her if it was F10 or F11 because there isn't an F1 code, but she said she couldn't recall.


I'll try the diagnostics tonight.  Thanks for the direct link to the Job Aid.


Hi Jumptrout,

I'll check the diagnostics tonight and see if it points to the drain pump.  That was my first thought too because of when the grinding noise started in the cycle.  i.e. I was expecting the tub to drain.





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Hi Samuari and JT,

Here's an update.  

  • Ran the diagnostics and the washer just got "stuck" at the drain cycle.  No codes.  
  • Tried JT's trick to unplug the drain pump to see if it still was making a grinding noise at that phase of the cycle and it was silent. 
  • Watched the repair video (thanks Samurai) and removed the pump and found a small screw had got stuck in the pump and snapped the impeller shaft!  Didn't expect that.
  • Replaced the pump which was trickier than I thought but got the job done.

Now all is good here in the house of 3 teen daughters and a wife.  Yes we do a lot of clothes washing.


Thanks for all the input and advise.


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