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Thermador oven M#C302US F34 code

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Maybe someone had this problem before, well it is not as clean cut as just clean or replace the sail switches.


In this case, we had already replaced sail switches, fans, display board, keypad, and even the power board and still getting an F34 after customer uses it for about one hour.

After she cancels it it will resume no problem for another hour and again, the dreaded beep and the code.


I went as far as cutting and putting a wire nut on the sail switches wires right at the control to eliminate the posibility of bad wires or contacts, and no luck, 2 days later there it was again F34, (do not worry, I did re-enable the sail switches to work as intended after the test).


At first I thought that something fishy was going on, so I got her to record with her phone what was happening, and yep, there it was.

The last time it did it was yesterday, just 20 minutes after I left the house (I sat there for over an hour waiting for it, and of course did not happen while I was there).


Anyone has any fresh ideas, please I'm going insane, this is no longer a question of money (I already lost my shirt on this one), but a question of pride)...... HELP!!.

Thank you.




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Thank you,


I will replace the display again, it is under warranty anyway, maybe this one is defective

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