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Indesit 1263W

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My Indesit 1263W washing machine (bought and used in the UK) is broken. The concrete weigh on it has fallen off, and now when it starts the fan belt keeps falling off.

The weight broke in two parts and fell off. I suppose that must be the reason why the belt keeps on falling off the motor.

How can I repair it?  Do I need to stick the concrete weight back on?  If so, how can I do that?  Do I just buy some concrete and wire mesh and repair the weigh with that or should I try to make a new weight. Is there anything else that can be used to stick the broken weight back together?

Apart from that and the shocking noise it makes when spinning, I don't have a problem with it. I can't afford to call a repair man nor buy a new maching. When I become rich and get a new machine it will certainly be a direct drive model. Fan belt machines are rubbish.


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Hi Zeno,

You'll need a new weight, they are formed and a repair will simply shake to bits with the vibration, especially if it's on a wooden floor. As it's not weighted correctly the machine's tub group will be bouncing about inside and this could cauuse *SEVERE* internal damage, so best stop using it eh? That's what the horrendous noise is you're hearing and, most likely, why the belt is jumping off.

If you're stuck for a supplier try emailing Dave on and he'll sort out a weight for you, but bear in mind that Indesit aren't the most helpful company on the face of the planet.

Also, direct drive machines, such as the LG (the only one availabel in the UK to my knowledge) have their own fair share of issues, not least being premature bearing failures and they ain't cheap to fix either.

Hope that helps.


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