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Asko D3120 won't run cycle

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I am new hear to the forum. I have a Asko D3120 that won't run a wash cycle. I shut the door, select the program and hit the start button and everything run normally. The drain pump kicks on, the inlet valve opens and water pumps into the bottom of the washer, then it just shuts off. The cycle progression lights just completely turn off. If I hit the start button again, the drain pump kicks on (I can hear and see water exiting) then the inlet valve pumps water in until it is full and it shuts off again. I have tried resetting the machine and unplugging it and still have no luck. Any ideas where I should start looking? Control board, cycle sensors, impeller, etc.?

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From the factory they come set for a flow meter fill, that sounds like the problem. Follow these steps and change it to a timed fill.

1. Turn off the main switch (I/0)

2. Wait for at least 5 seconds

3. Keep the Programme and Start buttons

depressed (S1 & S2)

4. Turn on the main switch (I/0)

5. Release the Programme and Start buttons

(S1 & S2) L7 flashes

The water intake can now be adjusted by pres-

sing S1 once again. L7 is flashing continuously

during the operation.

L1 extinguished: Volume-controlled water intake

(regulated via the flow sensor)

L1 lit: Time-controlled water intake

Confirm your choice by pressing Start (S2). The

programme returns to the main menu.

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Thank you for replying. I tried switching the cycle from the flow sensor to time-controlled per your instructions and it worked! Thank you so much for your help.

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Good job, thanks for letting us know the outcome.

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