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Viking Oven -- was occasionally turning itself off, now no gas, no click...

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I tried searching for this, but didn't see an exact match (and pretty much zero experience with gas appliances).


We have a Viking 30" 4 burner range, in use for only 8 months, VGIC5304BSS. 4 burners on the stove work perfectly. We started noticing that the oven would get up to temperature and then sometimes stop heating. Turning the oven off for a few minutes and then back on seemed to cure the issue and it would go back to heating normally. 


Tonight it worked for a bit, stopped heating, and now when I turn the knob from off to any temperature or broil nothing happens; no gas smell, no click of the igniter, nothing.


Help would be much appreciated.


Thank you

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

If this range is less than a year old, you may want to call Viking for warranty service before you do anything invasive so as not to risk invalidating your warranty.  


That said, the problems you're describing could be caused by a loose power connection in the range.  You could check the connections at the terminal block in the back of the range where the power cord connects to the range.  It runs off 120vac so it'll be a standard outlet.  Unplug the cord and make sure the terminal connection nuts are good n' tight.  

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