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GE Microwave No Heat

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Model Number JVM1752DPWW


So I have the FixitNow.com Test Sheet courtesy of the Appliance Repair Man.  (Thanks) 

I have performed all tests on the sheet and here are my findings.



Resistance Test less than one ohm.   Ive got .3

Resistance Test Filament to chassis.  Infinite



Primary .7 ohms

Secondary 116 ohms

Filament .3 ohms

(The only one that passes is the filament test?)



Momentarily indicates several ohms then returns to infinite.  It doesn't do that but I read that might be due to the fact that my meter doesn't have a 9V battery in it.

The terminal to case test indicated infinite.



Through all this testing im lead to believe the transformer is the problem?  Thanks guys.

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From what I've been told its rarely a transformer. I just worked on a ge pvm1870 and ohmed out fine. It was still bad because the magnent was cracked. I would inspect it closely. I couldn't seem to get the transformer ohm reading to match up exactly to what the specs said either. Replaced the mag and it worked. There should be a tech sheet behind your control panel. I used the troubleshooting flow chart and it led me right to the magnetron as well. You will need an ammeter to measure amps in order to use the flowchart at certain points.


This is the link to my post on the one I fixed. It has some good testing procedures from other techs.

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I did pull out the mag, it looks fine.  No burns, cracks, or anything abnormal.  At a stand still......

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You can check the high voltage rectifier to make sure you don't have continuity in both directions.  But it could still the magnetron.  It seems in the recent years most of the no heat issues with microhoods have been attributed to the mag.  Even though it can ohm out correctly and not shorted to chassis, even though there's no damage to the antenna and no crack in the magnet, bad magnetrons.


It seems that the higher failure rate of the magnetrons coincided with the time the manufacturers did away with the 5 year part warranty.  Makes me wonder..........

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