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Kenmore SxS refrigerator 253.55693402

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Serial number LA4241625B Manufature 6/04

Complaints are:

  • Ice maker sometimes works, sometimes does not
  • Water dispensor drips water (when ice maker works)
  • Fresh food side sometimes freezes
Information received by text on wife's phone, have not been in voice communication other than voice mail. Will visit in an hour (yes I work on Sunday)

Suggestions for a plan of attack?

  • I figure ice maker is just old & needs replacing.
  • Water dispensor, no clue
  • Freezing in FF-overloaded, return air blockage, & last cold control
Regardless probably a head scratcher. Searching for a manual now. Edited by DurhamAppliance
changed the word "Model" to "Serial"

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Thanks Durham.   Back from the call.  Ice maker problem: water valve not opening valve.  IM not getting any water.  IM does go into a harvest mode & voltage is applied to valve at proper time.

Water dispenser: valve is calcified up not closing completely

Icy Refrigerator: cold control thermostat not opening circuit.  Turned control to warmest cold setting & thermostat would not satisfy & shut off compressor


Stopped there & retrieved book out of truck to quote prices & as I figured customer did not want to pay, gonna buy new.  Collected my service fee & thanked them.




I have the survival kit downloaded.  What I having trouble with is determining which manual is for which unit so bear with me I go to granny gear to cover every inch.   Hey I repaired a old Maytag dryer yesterday that was half my age.   Now that is old.  The dryer is built solid as a tank.

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easy... there is a 2004 manual that matches your model year. Since the next produced manual is 2007, the 2004 manual covers model years 2004, 2005, and 2006.

Basically when a Frigidaire makes a significant change in their fridge, they will produce a manual that will cover it and all models until they produce a fridge with another significant change. Frigidaire, a European owned company, is much like European automobile manufacturers in that they dont change designs much from year to year. Great method, compared to the gazillion whirlpool or Ge designs, if only they didn't suck so much.

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