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GE combo oven microwave install/removal guide? or help

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I have a GE combo oven and microwave (built-in... or slide-in... mounted in a wall cabinet).  The microwave is not heating.  (all other functions appear to be normal:  display, light, turntable, etc.)

Model JTP85B0D1BB.  might also be listed as JTP85BD1BB.  The unit is 12 years old.


I replaced door switches in it about a year ago, but I have not yet checked those again this time around.  My guess is I need to trouble-shoot the diode, capacitor, and magnetron?


Am having trouble finding the instructions or installation guide so that I can figure out how to slide out/remove the microwave from the cabinet.  Can anyone help me wih that info? (and any other advice on the topic in general?)


Thanks so much.


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Thanks.  I did find that site just a bit ago and was reading through the install .pdf when I noticed your reply.  What I can't tell from looking over those 8 pages is how to go about pulling out the microwave.  Any pointers or diagrams out there that would help me with that? 


Admittedly, I haven't studied the whole thing inside and out to try and figure out yet which pieces of trim might come off to expose screws, etc...  It was late last evening when I discovered the problem, so this evening will be the first chance I have to check it all out.  First thing I think I'll do is remove and test each of the door switches. 


After that, though, I know I'll need to pull the microwave out of the cabinet to dig in further.

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