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Help - Air Leak

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Please help.  I have a Samsung RFG237AARS refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom.  The freezer continually gets frost build up on the right side of the freezer.  Samsung has sent out their repair company 3 times now and they have not solved the problem.  It seems to be an air leak on the front, right side of the freezer of some sort, but they have still not solved the problem.


Has anyone experienced this problem with this model?  Any ideas?



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Yes, there is a service bulletin that addresses this issue. I waa suprised that the company who went before me wasn't aware of this.. Solution #1...opening the drawer fully then closing it worked and solved my customer's frost covered winter wonderland of a freezer.


SUBJECT: Freezer Drawer is not closing

Symptom: • Frost on food in the freezer • Frost on the freezer rails • Gap around the freezer gasket

Cause #1: • Pin in the freezer rail is out of position. • This can happen during cleaning. • If the pin is out of position, the auto-close spring will not work and the drawer will not close completely.

Solution #1: • Open the drawer fully and push it closed. The pin should return to the correct position. •

If the pin does not return, pull it into position.

Demonstrate this to the customer.


Cause #2: • Improper alignment of the freezer drawer baskets and/or Pizza Guard. The drawer will not close flush. Solution #2: • Make sure the freezer baskets and Pizza Guard are positioned correctly

Also in the bulletin :

A bottle caught between the Pizza Guard and top basket Gap between gasket and cabinet •

All new production will include a label advising the customer on proper loading techniques. • The label will also inform the customer that he/she may have to pay for service if the cause of the problem is improper loading.

Other causes:

• The Timing Rod may be out of alignment. The timing rod is the bar located between the left and right side tracks (behind the lower basket). A gear is located at each end of the rod. These gears must be aligned so that the slide rails will open and close properly. To align the gears, open the drawer fully and close it forcefully. This should align the gears.

• The customer may be opening the drawer from the left or right end of the handle. Depending on the amount of food in the freezer, the drawer could rack and not seal completely. Advise the customer to open and close the drawer using the middle of the handle for best performance

dropbox file https://www.dropbox.com/s/z1dp26ul1hweuwt/RFGFreezerDrawerNotClosing.pdf?dl=1

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Great info, Brother Durham!  Domo!

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