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GE SBS Refrigerator GSH25JFXBWW compressor runs all the time

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I have been working on a GE SBS Refrigerator model GSH25JFXBWW-S/N TR219919

Compressor runs all the time. Freezer temp is good (between 0 and 5 degrees). FF side is a little high at about 46-50. 

Everything else works fine.


Also, I downloaded a schematic for this model from this site (pub. no. 31-51716) but it does not match the actual wiring on the main control board (Low Voltage Side) at J1, J2, J3 and J4. 


I didn't want to have to remove each sensor to check it since the diagnostic is supposed to do that.  I couldn't check them at the control board because the wiring doesn't match. 


I originally determined the main control board was bad and replaced it.  Everything worked as it should, so I thought I was done. The compressor was cutting on and off as I adjusted to different temp settings.  However, after a few hours after I left, it went back to the compressor running all the time again.


I have tried to run the diagnostics. It goes into diag mode but the tech information I have (which lists similar GE models but doesn't list this specific model) doesn't line up with what I am getting so I don't trust it.  For example,

when using diag code 0 2, 03, and 04 to do the communication test

it responds with 01, 4, and P respectively.  

When using diag code 0 7, it responds with:

01, P2, P3, P4, 25 When I put in a new Dispenser Board it responds with

01, P2, P3, P4, 05


I have tried to find a different tech manual for this specific model on this site in the appropriate section but could not find one. I am looking for someone to point me in the right direction.  Thanks

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Just realized the schematic I have does include this particular model.  However, not all of the wiring matches the schematic. 

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1) you have the wrong diagram. If you searched for "Gsh25jfxb*" the first tech sheet that comes up is .. I believe the tech sheet you have is outdated and revised.

2) diagnostic mode only tests if the thermistor is open or shorted. It does not test if the thermistor is out of calibration. Test at the board:

a) take initial board readings... compare with chart. If the thermistor is out of range, replace it. If it is within range, take note of the reading and go to the next step.

B) perform ice water test on thermistors that passed step one. This way you have two reference points and can test the thermistor's linearization ie see if the thermistor has the proper linear response to temperature change. If the response to the ice water is off, then the thermistor is not responding according to specs and needs replacing.

3) your sensor test you reported for Pass/fail, is responding properly:

01 there is no sensor at this location so you get no reading

02 P ... fridge sensor passes (only means the sensor is being read... it is not commenting on the sensor's accuracy)

03 P ... if you are using the GE test kit... it advises that this is the freezer evap sensor even though on the j1 connector the freezer compartment and evap sensors are in reverse order

04 P.... sensor passes.. see above statements for 02 and 03

4) how are you testing? ... if using, diagnostic aid kit and the fridge has, anelectronic user interface .. you have to connect the aid to the j4 connector on the board as per instructions. By doing so, you are disconnecting the electronic interface preventing it from interfering with the aid. You will get wacky readings otherwise. You have to read the diagnostic aid instructions very carefully. Should techs read any other way?

5) ignore communication errors

6) never leave home without this... you will find a board markup in the link as well. If you work on GE's, download all the manuals and keep them on hand.

7) learn to use this site... If you had searched the forums for "gsh25jfxb*" (no need to include the ww at the end since that is only the model color.. but learn wildcard searching) you would have come up with this post that would have answered many of your questions :

whew! and I haven't had my morning coffee.... you owe me a beer! and while you're at it, test your damper motor/return vents, evap fan and change your thermistors. lol

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Thanks for the quick response.  I don't have a diagnostic aid kit. I will follow up on your enlightened suggestions. I worked for many years in electronics both in the military and out.  It was a long time ago.  I just retired and I am new to the appliance business. I am learning fast, especially about GE refrigerators. I am really glad I found this site.  Thanks for your help.

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Share on other sites your user interface at the dispenser or in the fridge??

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at the dispenser

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