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KitchenAid Ice Maker not making ice

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I am a DIY 28 year old male in Mesa, Arizona.  Never worked much on appliances though.  I now humble myself before the professionals.


My KitchenAid (Model KFIS25XVMS9) refrigerator is not making ice.


The situation:  I hear it a few times an hour swinging around (actually it sounds like it swings too often, maybe once every 5 minutes), so I assume it is running through its cycle.  What I do not hear is the sound of water filling the mold like I used to.  Before it completely stopped making ice, the cubes seem to be getting smaller and smaller over the past 6 months or so. 


I'm not sure if this is related or not, but the temperature alarm went off for a couple days intermittently for both the fridge saying it was too warm (got up to 55 degrees as read on the front display).  This freaked me out for a while because it seem to come out of nowhere.  I cleaned the coils and unplugged the fridge, and the next day it came back on again.  It seemed to regain its temperature (no alarm sounding) since it has not gone off for the last two weeks (fingers crossed).  I have a two year old, and I'm thinking he just kept opening the fridge too much.


What I have tried already:

-Cleaned the coils (they were not very dirty)

-Straighten the water hose (There is no RO water system)

-Turned the ice maker on and off (I left it off once for about 4 days and then turned it on, it made small cubes for a week or so then stopped again)

-Unplugged the fridge (only for about half an hour to see if it would reset anything)


My thoughts:

I don't think it is water pressure -- but it I have not eliminated it yet.  The water to the front seems to have plenty of pressure.  I changed the filter and I am not positive it ever made ice after that though.  I am fairly positive that it is the right filter.

Water valve failure?  Would the front be working still?

Should it be hearing the ice maker activity this often?


My questions:

Is it possible I got a bad filter or installed it wrong?  

If it was a bad filter or installed wrong, how could the water to the front still seem normal?

What do professionals use to measure temperature?  I have a infrared pistol style thermometer, it seems to measure higher than what I would think.  for example, the front display for freezer is set to 0 degrees, but the thermometer measures 11 in some areas.  Is this normal or abnormal?


I provided and asked quite a bit of info.  Sorry for the novel, but thank you in advance for your help!  If you recommend repair or replacing please be thorough in your recommendation (provide location of part and steps, or affordable place to purchase).




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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Check to see if the water supply port is not frozen.  Take the cover off the front of the ice maker and put a jumper wire in the holes T and H to short out the bimetal and test the motor.  If the motor does not run than you need a new one .  You have to watch it go round, and if it cycles you have eliminated it down to the water valve.  Also if your freezer is not getting cold enough, your icemaker will stop making ice, obviously.  Do you notice and thawed food?

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Feeling pretty newb here.. Can anyone advise how to get the cover off? (Pictures below).  I assume you are talking about the foremost cover with the on/off switch on it.  There are 3 screws on the very back.  But that looks to be for the auger drive assembly.


Also, how do I check to make sure the water line is not frozen?


If I had to remove the whole ice maker unit, how do I remove and install the new one?






" />

I can't see any screws on the front panel.. I tried pulling a little bit, but didn't seem to budge.  Don't want to break the ice maker assembly or mount.

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Yours looks a little different but normally the front just prys off.  Should be able to get a screw driver in the seam and twist.  Just is pressed on and should just pop off.  The ice maker comes out pretty easily as well.  couple screws hold it to the side of the freezer.  Take them out and unplug the cable and remove the ice maker.  You should be able to see the fill tube now and see if it is full of ice or not once you get the icemaker out.



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Video on how to remove this style ice maker. Water valve can be tested from the wiring harness exposed . Check wiring diagram , jump ice maker valve to neutral. Have a cup ready . Good luck !


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Thank you Kokanee!  That video was very helpful.  I was able to remove the icemaker finally.  


I still need help diagnosing the issue though.  The fill tube did not seem frozen over.  I was able to watch the harvest cycle run by taking off the cover and pressing the door button on the side.  Gears turned, and the arm lifted and dropped which I think means is a success if its running at all right?


In fact, what's weird is when I couldn't figure it out, I put it all back together, shut the door, and then heard the water cycle run which I have not heard in a while.  I looked in the mold and there was some water!


I don't think I did anything.  I will keep an eye out to see if it actually turns into ice.


Maybe the water valve is acting up, and I just happened to hear it.  Where is the valve on this meter so I can run continuity?

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very commond for icemaker module to burn out. 



you will need a icemaker Part number: W10377151

Part number: W10377151

Edited by Samurai Appliance Repair Man

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