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Starting Over - Need to Buy Used Washer and Dryer - Need Advice

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Starting over at almost 60, I need to furnish a house on the cheap. I'm looking for suggestions on which Washers and Dryers, brand/model you repair guys out there think are the most reliable and or easy to fix. I've had several makes and models over the years, and had pretty good luck with everything except the old Frigidaire washers.


I'm thinking $350 for a set, so doubt that I will find anything too fancy. I'll end up buying off of "sounds like Greg's List"


Top Loader is fine and Natural Gas Dryer. I CAN do the repairs, so easy and inexpensive to repair would be good features. 


I'm a pretty simple guy, mostly Levis and Tee shirts, so I don't need a lot of features


What do you think? GE, Whirlpool, Maytag???


Thanks in advance.



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Hey Paul,


Simple is best here.  You can definitely go used or new for under $400.  I was in Kmart yesterday and saw an Amana washer and dryer set for $299.  Its was the good old direct drive top load style washer with very few cycles (better) and the good old whirlpool style gas dryer with lint trap on top right of dryer. These in my opinion are the easiest to work on and most durable and reliable units on the market.  They are, on the other hand, not as energy efficient as the fail prone front loaders.  But what's more economical, an expensive appliance that is energy efficient but expensive to fix or replace (as well as more prone to failure...i.e. front loaders, and electronic controls ), or a less energy efficient appliance which is easy and inexpensive to repair or replace (i.e. top loaders and mechanical timer units)? 


I think the dryer at Kmart had 3 cycles.  Simple is better for 2 main reasons: 


1) Less to go wrong, and


2) when things go wrong it is more often cheaper to fix.  


You can definitely get used washers and dryers on "sounds like Greg's List" for under $100 a piece.  But then you run the risk of it a) not working when you get it home (which is always a good reason to test anything you buy on CL before you bring it home), and B) a shorter life span, due to the fact that its been in operation for X amount of years.  But I have sold hundreds upon hundreds of appliances on CL and rarely do I get unhappy customers or call backs.  So it must be worth it to them.  Its really a toss.  


Next, you can buy new for a bit more than used.  You definitely are going to have the security of the appliances being warrantied for at least one year if not more if you buy an extended warranty plan (which I think is a good idea...I cant tell you how many customers I see who are just barely out of the one year warranty period who call for service).  Also, when buying new you have the peace of mind that the appliance has a full life ahead of itself and should be dependable for at lest 5 years (unlucky) if not 10 (lucky), 15 (jackpot).


Also, try to avoid anything with a computer or electronic control.  Even inexpensive appliances like a Standard low end Kenmore dishwasher which retails at maybe $300, can run $195 for a new electronic control board!!! Thats 2/3 the price of a new dishwasher!!! BOOOO!!! So go for mechanical timers and the least amount of features (wash or dry selections) if you are a simple guy with simple wash and dry needs on a budget and looking for a dependable machine.


Hope that helps.  Happy Shopping!  

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Topic moved to Appliance Reviews subsection of the Buying New And Used Forum.

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