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Condenser Coil and Fan run whenever they want

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My AC seems possessed.  Started a few weeks ago.  I had the thermostat on HOLD temp.....the AC was running/blowing, but it just stopped putting out cold air.  So I went outside and found that the CC fan was not running.  =(  ........I figured it was time to call a repairman, so I went inside, took the thermostat off HOLD temp, and proceeded to look online for a nearby, reputable shop.  While I was searching, about 15 minutes later, the timer program kicked in and the AC started up....and began blowing cold air.  YAY ! ! 

The next day it happened again, blower running, but cold air no longer coming out......this time when I checked, the CC fan WAS running, but the air blowing off the top didn't feel hot(ish).  I tried letting it rest again, and sure enough it blew cold air after about 15 minutes of being off and then restarted.  So I just kept doing that (letting it rest then restarting) since summer was ending.  Then the other day I had the thermostat set to OFF and I heard the CC fan kick in outside.  I thought what?!?!?  I double checked the thermostat and made sure it was OFF.  It was OFF but the fan outside was running.....I ended up flipping the breaker to shut it off.  Now I notice the CC fan pretty much runs whenever it wants.  =\  

What could possibly be the problem?



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Sounds like a bad thermostat to me. Unit should not run when thermostat is off. But that is hard to say since you give us nothing to work with no brands no model numbers, condenser coils don't turn on or off but compressors do. You need to see if the compressor and the fan are running when it is not cooling.

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Please provide requisite information as soon as possible....without model number and manufacturer, this thread is slated for deletion. 

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