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Goofy door seals

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Hey all.

Kenmore side by side, 106.8590581.  Twice in the past month I've come home to find the door open about 2", and the inside temp just a bit below room temp. Yeah! I love throwing food away .. . NOT.

Anyway, I don't understand what could be causing this. I've inspected the door seals, and they seem to be ok... there is small spot on the lower left of the fridge door where the vinyl is missing  (about 1" long); exposing what appears to me to be magnetic strips built into the seal.

Which makes sense to me, as the last time I paid attention and/or noticed, it seemed sort of difficult to open the doors - it took a fairly good pull to get the door to open.

I've cleaned both the seals and the face of the fridge; no improvement.

The fridge hasn't been moved since the last time the doors sealed properly, which I don't know for sure when this was, but I do remember having company  about 6 months ago and they commented on how tight the doors sealed. (Beer drinkers notice these things).

I thought I would ask here before replacing the seals - do they go out this suddenly, or is there something else I should look at first?



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Usually when fridge doors aren't closing securely, the problem is something being stored inside is touching one of the shelf rails just enough to prevent a positive seal. Try re-arranging the food on the shelves inside.

The other problem could be that the front levelling adjusters need to be raised a bit so the fridge tips back ever so slightly.

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The door closers under the door could have broken, not letting the door close properly. Might want to take a look down there also.  And make sure the door gasket is not binding/curling on the hinge side of the box.  If it is, you might need to shim the door out on the hinge side to bring that side out a little so the handle side can close all of the way.

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