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Guest craigsward

Kenmore/Whirlpool washer woes

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My tempermental washer finally decided not to fill anymore.  Basically what happens is when we go to turn the washer on, rather than filling with water it just goes right into the agitate mode.

It was being tempermental for a while.  We were able to get it to fill if we set it for a small load.  Then while it was filling we would switch the load size to large.  Well i realized that didn't really work because it still only filled for a small load. 

And if we were able to get it to fill once it drains after the agitater cycle it is suppose to go into the rinse cycle and add more water.  Instead of filling with watter and then agitating more, it doesn't fill at all and it goes into agitater mode again without any water in it.  The weird thing is the drain, agitate, and spin cycles still work.  It just doesn't want to add water anymore.

What is wrong with my tempermental washer???  Do i just need a new 60Hz timer mechanism?  If so how hard is this to install?  I am pretty mechaincally inclined but have never worked on a washer machine.  All the parts websites i see say the timer is a "Motor Not a Service part".  What does this mean?  Is it not replacable?

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The first thing you would suspect is a defective fill level switch, which determins the water level in the machine.  It is telling the washer that it is already full of water and starting the motor with no water inside.  This is not an expensive repair.  You could also have a clog inside of the fill level bubble on the side of the tub, not releasing the air pressure to the fill level switch so it thinks the washer is still full of water.  You would have to take the case off to see this on the right side of the fiberglass tub.

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