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Major Wood

Frigidaire FL washer model GLTF167OASO

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First symptom, popped GFI receptacle

fault occured at end of wash cycle

removed clothes, drained tub

restarted at beginning of rinse cycle, tub filled, and then ran about 10 seconds before GFI popped.

drained tub

opened up front quarter panel, saw thin water layer on bottom of machine. mopped up with towel

restarted machine at beginning of wash cycle. Drum filled normally to proper level, and at beginning of agitation, water started dripping down right (pump side) of machine.

Most of water ran down the shock absorber. Yanked cord to stop.

Pulled off top. No sign of water above midpoint of outer drum housing. All hoses and clamps looked tight.

machine is about 2-1/2 years old and gets about 4-5 loads a week

suggestions o wise ones?

I did not see any previous similar postings.



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

I hate answering my own post, but new evidence forces me to do so. ;-) I found the culprit, and now the question is how best to repair. What you see in the pic is a 2-3" crack in the tub above were it mounts to the shock absorber. It is in the front half of the tub. The drum spins freely with no scraping, and the crack is above the high water line at rest.

Is this best approached from the front or rear? I already have top and back off. Is it something where I could do a fiberglass/epoxy to start with? I suspect what happened was a screw of some sort from my work clothes got wedged between the drum and tub. I may very well need to disassemble to retrieve that screw anyway, unless it magically appears in the pump hoses. I am pretty mechanical so I feel this is within my limits.


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Glad you found the cause.:)

Sad you have a crack outer tub.:X

If the screw is gone, use fibreglass/epoxy. Should be OK.

If not, have to dissemble the tub to remove the screw first. Then next step. Up to you ....New tub or fibreglass!;)

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Thanks for the reply

I just popped the coin trap and a shiny #6 x 1-1/4 McFeeleys square drive screw was sitting in the bottom. I may still run a magnet along the bottom of the tub to see if there are anymore lying there. I replaced my sidewalk last week and those were some mighty dirty work clothes, hence my overlooking the pockets. I took another look at replacing the drum front and decided that fiberglass/epoxy will get the nod for now. Those two large springs don't look like they'll come off that easy.

I know way more about my washer than I did this morning, and way more than I ever really wanted to know. It certainly has made replacing the dryer idler wheels seem downright trivial.

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Dayyam, that's a first! 

I think a good quality epoxy would do the job and return the washer to service. 

Nice shootin' :armed:and thanks for posting that. 

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