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Burnham Minuteman II Boiler

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Our home is equipped with a Burnham MM II boiler.   There have been problems with it since the previous owners and I won't even go into all that has gone wrong with it:poison:, let's just say every part has pretty much been replaced and we continue to have problems:X.

After the last break down (in the middle of January in the Rocky Mtns.) I swore I would not put another penny into it!

It has forced water baseboard heat.  Well the circulator suddenly started buzzing today, loudly.  Still have hot water and we aren''t using the heat right now but I am afraid it will be break down AGAIN and we will be left without hot water.

Does anyone know of another brand boiler that would work with the baseboards?  They are the LARGE unsightly baseboards, about 12" tall.

If I gave in and agreed to put money into this money pit would it be expensive to replace the circulator?

As always thanks for your knowledge and help!

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Hello. I'm surprised. Burham is a good brand of boiler. I have a radiant floor hot water with a  Weil McLain boiler @ my house. 13 yrs and no problems. RayPac is also a good brand. Any hot water boiler you choose will work with baseboard. Sounds like you have what they call commercial grade baseboard. They may have used that instead of the standard size to get more heat into the house. The standard size may not have put out enough BTU,s for the heat load.

Sorry to hear about all the problems. As far as your motor buzzing, turn off power to the boiler and pump and make sure that all of your electrical connections are tight. Please just be sure to use a volt meter to be sure power is off. Follow the line to the pump. You should C a cover plate where the wires go in. Take off the plate and make sure the connections are tight and that the wires aren't burnt.

I'm gonna make the assumption that ur using propane/natural gas and not heating oil.Here are some simple checks for your system:

There should be a pressure gage on the boiler or in the water piping telling U what the pressure is on the water side. With the system cold(boiler hasn't run for a day) that gage should read 12 psi for a normal home (+-2psi) If its much lower then that your water regulating valve(water make up valve) needs to be adjusted to allow water in or replaced. This valve is what allows fresh water into the system to keep pressure up. Normally once a system is filled, unless you've had a leak or let water out yourself the valve shouldn't be letting water into the system.Which brings us to the next part of the check. If the gage reading is to high (over 20 psi on a cold system) then you have to much pressure and need to release some water from the system. Once you release the water and get the gage down to 12 psi watch it for a day and make sure the pressure doesn't go up  again. If it does then the water reg valve needs to be adjusted for a lower pressure.

Hows ur expansion tank?? This also has alot to do with waterside pressure. Some where near the boiler in the piping U should C a tank about the size of a bucket. One end is attached to the piping. The other end should have a airfill valve (looks like a bike or car tire valve)There maybe a plastic cap over it that twist off. Use a  tire pressure checker just like Ur checking ur car tire pressure. It should read 12 psi (+-2psi) and no water(maybe a drop) should come out. If theres no pressure or low pressure and you don't get any water the tank can be re-pressurized by using a bike tire pump. If you get alot of water the rubber diaphragm inside the tank has ruptured had it has to be replaced.

When the boiler runs do U hear a lot of gurgling sounds. Thats and indication that air is trap in the system. In a well planed installation the expansion tank I spoke of normally is screwed into whats called an air separator valve. If you don't have one I suggest you have one installed and at the same time have an airbleed installed at the highest point of your system. You have to get the air out

This may sound like alot of work but its not. I type alot to B sure I'm clear.

OK. With the boiler running (with flame), what does the flame look like. Should be small compact blue flames with very little yellow/orange to them sitting right on top of the burner manifold. If there weak, wavey with alot or yellow/orange then ur gas pressure is to low. If its very strong and the flames look like there jumping off the manifold ur gas pressure is to high . Call someone to adjust it.

Hope this helps.

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